Broke as a Yolk.

IMG_3433I think about food a lot. I think about food a lot because I enjoy the creativity and freedom that cooking allows. Lately I’ve been thinking about food because money doesn’t grow on trees. And currently those trees, unless they are fruit-bearing, need some extra time to grow. But there is never extra time, and so creativity now comes in to play in an entirely different way.

When you are poor, broke or down on your luck the world suddenly becomes tinted with a shade of grey. Or blue, whatever you prefer.. You think differently. You start noticing new resources around you, you constantly debate which sacrifice is more worth making for the good of the household, among many other changes in your perspective on everyday life.

Bills should be your first priority. Food should be the next. Then marijuana. Then gas. (Kidding, ideally weed should be last on your list because although it is a very difficult concept to accept, the more you smoke the more you eat and that completely counter-acts your second priority plans.. I know. It sucks. We’ll work on this together.)

Today’s Tip: Make a list of every dish you can think of, that can be made with what is in your fridge right NOW. Then see how many days of meals you can get out of that list. You’ll be surprised.. Hopefully. No crazy complicated hipster-nonsense recipes involving making your own rosemary mayonnaise and soaking some sort of nut in lemon water for 24 hours. Unless you just HAPPEN to have these things in your fridge, in which case I’m judging you. Just a little. Though a rosemary mayonnaise vegan cheesecake does sound delightful….



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