The Can Men.


The can men. The men who collect the cans. On bikes, on foot, by shopping cart chariot they come out at the break of dawn every Thursday morning. Up and down and around and the looping back again. Trying to beat the garbage trucks, like a real life board game.

I admire the can men. I admire the resourcefulness and the work ethic. I’ve encountered many a can man and they always have a greeting for you as you pass by, a good morning nod and sometimes even a smile. I don’t care what the can men use their can money for. I really don’t. I think it’s a little insulting when young professionals living on the east end leave notes by their empties on the street; “please use this for food.” Don’t tell them what to use their money for, just because you’re giving it to them.

And these guys recycle! The can men (and women, I’ve seen women,) are not only earning income from things others are discarding but they are recycling those things as well. Cans are recyclable currency.

The can men really know what they’re doing.


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