The Phases of Video Editing: A Draft.

1.) The edit as you go phase.

2.) The “relaxing breaks are okay” phase.

3.) The extended breaks phase..

4.) The day off. (The entire day. This is usually where housework gets done.)

5.) The caffeination phase.

6.) The dump it all and edit later phase.

7.) The all-nighter phase.

8.) The 2nd caffeination phase. (Where you think it’s magic.)

9.) The “up all night, but it wasn’t worth it” phase.

10.) The “getting drunk will help!” phase.

11.) The reset button.

12.) The list-making phase.

13.) The slow and excruciating check-off-the-list phase.

14.) The renewed sense of confidence phase.

15.) The third, mostly & usually unnecessary all-nighter.

16.) The home stretch. (Where you lock yourself in and abandon all plans and obligations, sometimes including day jobs.)

17.) The “need to sleep but the adrenaline of finishing is keeping me up” phase.

18.) The waiting game, the most excruciating phase of them all, the phase that has made perfectly sane human beings yell out primal screams sitting alone at a computer at 3am: EXPORTING.


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