The Daily Sporker was born from imagination and is now guided by purpose. Serving as a loose think-tank, (which is gaining momentum, though very slowly, so bear with us,) for arts and education pioneers. And by pioneers we mean those of you who are doing the thinking and gaining the inspiration, the momentum to keep the cause alive.

We all struggle with the freedom of expression. Being able to express yourself through the arts means you are searching for your purpose, and searching for your purpose can be scary. You have to do it, you have to get it out, no matter how painful it may be. Or how sad. Or how beautiful, or even how happy, that feeling of immense elation that eventually starts to get to you and is ruined by over-stimulation. The healthiest outlet for self-expression is to make something that translates those feelings into a form which does not remain constant in your consciousness. A form which holds the feelings or the concepts for when you need them or want to show them to the world.

Art is important. Change is important.

These two things are what we stand for.


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