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Equality Through Humor

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.”

“Can anything be funny? Or are some things off-limits?”


I can’t trust someone until I make them laugh.

I’ve tried. I mean, I can have a perfectly decent conversation with someone I’ve recently met but there is no way I can connect with you on a personal level until I’ve gotten a chuckle out of you. This combined with the fact that I don’t make a great first impression often leaves me struggling to make new friends. Sense of humor is such a huge measure of character, and to be able to ease the social anxiety with laughter is just super comforting..

So in response to the questions above.. ANYTHING can be funny. And it’s important that we take it upon ourselves to MAKE everything funny, even if it’s inappropriate, even if it’s politically incorrect. Because it eases the tension with laughter and again, that’s just super comforting.

As long as we make fun of everything, nothing will ever be off limits. Because humor is the one place that legitimately practices equality.



I figured we’d start The Daily Sporker off with documenting for The Daily Post’s “Blogging 101” course. This is a brand new project, so bear with me for awhile.. I promise it’ll get better with time. Today we are supposed to “introduce ourselves..”

As I was walking to my car to head to work today a young woman, probably no older than 17, approached me.

“Excuse me!”
“Can you do me a favor?”

I assess the situation as quickly as I can. She looks a little on edge, but isn’t trying to act overly desperate just to get me to say yes. This is always a delicate position to be in..

“Yeah, sure.”
“Can you give me a ride downtown? My boyfriend’s chasing me.. I just need to get over near the court house..”
“Yeah, no problem!”

She gets in and I ask if she needs to call anyone. Phone in hand, she lets me know she called her mother and she’s going downtown because that’s where her mom works. It takes me 2 minutes to get her there, we comment on the cold, she thanks me to which I respond “no problem, man.” I drop her off and tell her to stay safe before heading off to work. Heading to work from deep downtown, where I sometimes forget my left from my right, but today I knew exactly the quickest way to go.

It sounds silly but that really added something special to this unusual morning experience. I did not hesitate to help this young woman, I didn’t fear a stranger in my car, I didn’t fear getting to work from an area of downtown that I don’t often navigate. I was immediately reassured that I am fine and have just made a difference, both feelings I haven’t encountered in quite a while.

I needed these things to happen in order to write this very first blog entry. As I perused comic books at my favorite shop, (yes I’m still heading to work, an unusual morning is a good excuse to be late,) I realized that this story maybe does “introduce” me. I can’t do that whole “hi, my name is..” thing, and I make a terrible first impression in person. But I can talk about what I do, and whatever I’m doing is usually defining me in some way, so.. Ah! More introducing! Oh now it’s just happenin’ all by itself..

Let’s quit while we’re ahead.