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Fussy & Picky.


Does anyone else have trouble transitioning from pen & paper to keyboard? Holy crap this is difficult.

Writing drafts is a very specific skill I feel I possess. If my job was to write ONLY a first draft of anything thrown in front of me I would be living in a much nicer apartment.. I’m not talking first drafts typed up with margins to make notes, and asterisks’ that connect to footnotes asking the editor dirty little grammar questions. I’m talking the biggest pile of incomplete chicken-scratch paragraphs you’ve ever seen with arrows to margins which contain other entire paragraphs written in size .45 font to be deciphered later by an eagle wearing +3.8 prescription lenses. On yellow legal paper. Not the 8×11″ kind. The legal PAD.

Needless to say I’m all about the paper & pen, so when I decided to start writing again I knew I would have to become better friends with my keyboard. It makes your brain think differently, right? When I type straight out of my brain things seem to get very precise, and my choice of words become fussy and picky. (The two gayest old railway cats you’ll ever meet. Fussy and Picky.) I’m typing out of my brain right now, can you tell?

Writing on paper is more like playing to me. You can fiddle with sections of paragraphs and still be able to see what you originally wrote, those margins are free game and if needed you can add visuals! you can make little boxes categorizing the thoughts that make up whatever it is you’re trying to attempt to finish.. The paper is yellow. It makes you feel like you’re a real writer, I get more confident when I go out and sit with my little yellow legal pad. When I sit at the computer I feel insecure and frightened.. But as I sit here now I’m realizing that this is not uncomfortable, it’s just good in a different way. Maybe Fussy and Picky are going to be my friends.. I will never utter that sentence again in my life, I promise.

The point of all this is that both the keyboard and the paper & pen are necessary in writing growth. Or whatever. I don’t know, I just sat here and typed from my brain and now we have 2 gay railway cats names Fussy and Picky.

Keyboard: 1    Paper & Pen: 0