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The Evolution of Cookbooks. [part 1]

Have you noticed that cookbooks are no longer just books full of recipes? I enjoy this. There are cookbooks with tips and tricks, fun facts, advice on LIFE (which sometimes seems shady in a cookbook, like it’s the perfect outlet to just put that out there when really all we wanted was recipes, but lately I’ve realized it’s surprisingly appropriate when done the right way..)

My point is, if we consider a cookbook a form of creative expression (which it is) instead of a manual (which it never should have been) the possibilities seem pretty endless. Everyone needs food and everyone should try at least once to be creative in the kitchen, because boring food is boring.

I think the way we look at food is changing rapidly and we NEED these new forms of cookbooks in order to start changing the way we interact with food. The more we are consciously thinking about what and how we are cooking and eating the more we start to care about so many other things, our bodies, our environment, poverty, the economy of want versus need, etc.

There is much more to be said on the evolution of cookbook-ery. But not right now. The ramble train has a few more stops to make today.