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My dog is not a racist.

My dog is not a racist.

My dog does not like black dogs. Specifically those that are bigger than he is. Every dog who has ever jumped him or been let out without a leash by some idiotic woman who doesn’t understand her dog is a criminal at large.. has been a big black lab. Therefore my dog thinks every black lab is out to get him. Okay, my dog may be a racist.

I suppose if a white guy was mugged by a black guy they might act the same way.. In fact I’ve seen it firsthand in a few dim-witted individuals. But what if a white guy was mugged by a white guy? (I say “guy” because it was the first gender that came out of my fingers, there are certainly plenty of females muggers. Also my dog is a boy.) When white people are mugged by white people they often then associate the appearance and demeanor of the white mugger with their fear instinct. They get spooked by people wearing the same coat as the person who mugged them, or maybe the guy was eating a churro so they’re afraid of churros for a few months.. (because no one can stay mad at churros forever.) If a black guy gets mugged by a black guy it provokes the same reaction. (These statements are made assuming the victim becomes afraid, not all people become fearful of coats or churros or even being mugged in general.)

But what about if a black guy gets mugged by a white guy? From conversations I’ve had firsthand, it seems that there is much less fear associated with race coming from an African-american male who has been mugged. (Unless of course the attacker is a white cop. I’m not gonna go there, because I don’t even have to.) It seems that the fear that then develops most often is of the streets themselves as opposed to the specific person who attacked them. Why is this? (Keep in mind I’m taking a very tiny fraction of my city’s black community’s opinion to uncover this information.) If the streets in your neighborhood are threatened, your community is threatened, and from my experience black individuals are better at taking pride in their community more than any people I know.

Personally I think this is in part due to the black community’s awareness of what is and has been happening in our country, and the racial tensions that SOMEHOW still exist in nearly every city in America. That black man who was mugged just added 3 points to his race card by the way, and he deserves more. I guarantee that black individual has endured prejudice and most likely has developed a specific type of strength within himself. That strength of unity, that strength that endures enormous racial injustices and causes communities to become closer, that strength that propels him forward with his life because that man can not be afraid. He can not be afraid, because fear is what breaks up the unity between neighboring individuals. And for a black male in 2015, that neighborhood unity is incredibly important. I have immense respect for the black community in my city, and only wish that white people would quit putting down every other race including the other white people long enough to join the community of human beings.

So, my dog is a racist.